Merry Christmas!

Hi! How are you? Today I've got some special things for you about Christmas.

Santa's Quiz 
You have to look carefully at the information to solve the game and get a present. Good luck!!

Jingle bell bracelet ... and more!
Here you can see some videos about how to make a jingle bell bracelet, a reindeer hat and more beautiful crafts. You will not understand everything, but it is easy to follow, just watch the video!!!

Santa's world tour
This is another game. Help guide Santa as he delivers his presents around the world.

Well, I think that you will enjoy it.  I will try to add more fun activities for your Christmas holidays. Meanwhile, have some nice days.
See you in January.
Best wishes from:


More games
Hello again, I've got more games for you. Click here and enjoy. There are more than twenty games!!!!